Voice Controlled Apps – Who’s Listening to You? #visit@lavernestmary

Today, we find voice assistant speakers like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant acting on our commands to start the coffeemaker, turn the lights on, make the windows coverings go up and even release food into the dog’s bowl, all before we make our way to the bathroom to brush our teeth in the morning.

At first it was both exciting and a bit scary getting to know these systems and what they were capable of doing especially if we were not tech experts. “In its early time, smart home tech might have left people frustrated, confused, because of compatibility and connectivity,” says one expert who runs a website for connected technology consumers. “Then, right around when Echo [the first Amazon Alexa smart speaker] came on the scene, people really started getting intrigued.”Voice controlled apps

At some point these voice controlled systems will learn to predict events and ask for your input, according to experts. Is the air quality expected to be bad? Don’t be surprised if your system asks if you’d like it to turn on the air purifier. Cold weather on the way? You may be contacted through your smartphone to adjust the heat settings in your house or to make sure the doggie door opens to let your pet come inside.