Trade Tariffs about to hit Home! #getpreapprovedtoday@lavernestmary #itsyourtime2buy@lavernestmary

Bummer!  Trade Wars are typically not easy to digest for any economy.  They just never happen without some form of consequence(s) to those down the line.  To speak of the latest increase with China tariffs is soon to be felt by homebuilders and remodelers.  Whatever project(s) you have in mind for 2019, save a bit more to get the job done.

According to builder experts, the estimate increase to consumer remodeling about 7-8% no matter what they try to do to tweak it.  On the other hand, homebuilding will suffer even moreTariffs hit home due to the higher cost of material (as they already struggle with a labor shortage!)


Chin UP!

Resilient Americans will get through it!