Mortgage Minute: Buying a builder model home? #getpreapproved@lavernestmary #getpreapprovedtoday@lavernestmary #callmetoday@lavernestmary #itsyourtime #americandream #homeownership


Contemplating buying a builder’s model home?  Well keep in mind the builder has placed a lot of specialties in that home – because it a model! – designed to bring in buyers that want one just like it!

Remember, Builders need to re-coop their cost of maintenance and mortgage payments while it set nice and pretty and as model for potential builders to hopefully build one like it.  For that reason, builders will set a price higher than they will sell the rest.  However, not too high that it won’t appraise what it’s worth.

Keep in mind, if you are buying a model whereby the builder has changed the garage or a room in the home into a sales office, most city requirements are that the builder match the other homes.  So the builder will need to change that model home to look as the others.

Bottom line is, it is always best to get a good realtor to help you purchase a model home.  You will save yourself the stress, time, and money.


Good luck!