Keeping your credit score strong even after you buy a home! #getpreapproved@lavernestmary

Credit Cards - perks

Mortgage Minute:

Even if you’ve met the goal of homeownership, you will want to keep your scores up to take advantage of benefits such as zero percent financing for home goods, appliances, etc.  But, keep in mind, after that wonderful zero percent expires, your rate can skyrocket, if you don’t pay the entire balance, according to Naciri with Realty Times.

Cards that offers miles, cash back, or some other perk aren’t offered to just anyone, but if your credit is good, they may be knocking down door.

Something you may have forgotten is: many employers run your credit as part of the hiring process.  Let your credit score down and it could affect your ability to get that new job.

So, if you’ve repaired your credit, purchased a home, don’t revert back to old habits.  You will need that good credit rating again someday!


Best of Luck!

LaVerne St.Mary , TBWS