Buyers: Making sure your home closing happens on time! #getpreapprovedtoday@lavernestmary, #getpreapproved@lavernestmary, #getontimeclosing, #closeontime@lavernestmary

Did you close on-time or not?

Not?  It happens often?  Yes, of course.  Days and weeks go by and we look and look for the signage and website to change from “sale pending” to “sold”.  Instead, the deal goes south or it’s delayed?  Why?

Well, a number of things can happen – from seller undisclosed home issues, various conditions in home undetected before making an offer, home inspection findings, appraised value, issues with the loan, discoveries, discoveries, discoveries – Right?

When it’s out of your scope to handle, allow the professionals in the transaction to handle. When its something they need you to do or provide – do so as quickly as possible!  Even if you consider yourself a seasoned buyer, the home-buying process is always changing.  You want to close on-time!


Home-buyers be sure your closing happen

And, if you are unclear about anything related to your home purchase, don’t be afraid to ASK! Your Lender – Your Realtor.

There are no dumb questions!  You want to avoid as many headaches and disappoints as possible.

Remember!  A Home Purchase is one of the biggest financial investments of a lifetime! You want to close on time and move on with your new journey – HOMEOWNERSHIP!  YOU deserve the best!


Best of Luck!