How to increase my 580 credit score? #callmetoday

How2Increase580credit score

  Question:  How can I increase my 580 credit score? Your low credit score is attributable to accounts that are currently late and/or collection accounts and judgments. The good news is that credit scores increase organically with the passage of time. This is because the older a negative item is, the less effect it has… [Read More]

Which FICO score does lenders use? #getpreapprovedtoday

Which FICO score is more important

We GENERALLY use what is called the “mid score.” Most people have three FICO scores—one from each of the three credit repositories (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion). We discard the high and the low using the one in the middle—the mid score. Some once asked me: Which FICO scores are most important for mortgage applications? We GENERALLY use what… [Read More]

Debt Affects Cognitive Functions

Debt affect cognitive functions

Debt-free. It’s a dream to many and a reality to very few. So one may wonder — what does it FEEL like to have debt relief, since it’s not something brought up in many social conversations? Evidently, it doesn’t just take a burden off your checkbook. According to a new study done by researchers at the… [Read More]

Housing Update


Why the Housing Is Even Better Than it Looks! To housing. Several in the financial media think that housing is soft, and that softness is a precursor to a recession. And the Fannie-haters are on the loose again — and the issues are linked.   Here is an alternate universe. The real one. Home values… [Read More]

Property Listings – Smartphone Photos vs DSLR Photos

SmartphonePhotos for Listings

Your Smartphone may not cut it for Property Listing Photos Your Smartphone may not cut it for Property Listing Photos   Yes!  Those Smartphones can really take great photos, selfies, pictures of our adorable kids and pets.  But, what about those property listings? Well, a 2013 Redfin – , study found that homes professionally photographed… [Read More]

Buyers: Making sure your home closing happens on time! #getpreapprovedtoday@lavernestmary, #getpreapproved@lavernestmary, #getontimeclosing, #closeontime@lavernestmary

Home-buyers be sure your closing happen

Did you close on-time or not? Not?  It happens often?  Yes, of course.  Days and weeks go by and we look and look for the signage and website to change from “sale pending” to “sold”.  Instead, the deal goes south or it’s delayed?  Why? Well, a number of things can happen – from seller undisclosed… [Read More]