Housing Update


Why the Housing Is Even Better Than it Looks! To housing. Several in the financial media think that housing is soft, and that softness is a precursor to a recession. And the Fannie-haters are on the loose again — and the issues are linked.   Here is an alternate universe. The real one. Home values… [Read More]

Property Listings – Smartphone Photos vs DSLR Photos

SmartphonePhotos for Listings

Your Smartphone may not cut it for Property Listing Photos Your Smartphone may not cut it for Property Listing Photos   Yes!  Those Smartphones can really take great photos, selfies, pictures of our adorable kids and pets.  But, what about those property listings? Well, a 2013 Redfin study found that homes professionally photographed with high-performance… [Read More]

Buyers: Making sure your home closing happens on time! #getpreapprovedtoday@lavernestmary, #getpreapproved@lavernestmary, #getontimeclosing, #closeontime@lavernestmary

Home-buyers be sure your closing happen

Did you close on-time or not? Not?  It happens often?  Yes, of course.  Days and weeks go by and we look and look for the signage and website to change from “sale pending” to “sold”.  Instead, the deal goes south or it’s delayed?  Why? Well, a number of things can happen – from seller undisclosed… [Read More]

Mortgage Minute: Buying a builder model home? #getpreapproved@lavernestmary #getpreapprovedtoday@lavernestmary #callmetoday@lavernestmary #itsyourtime #americandream #homeownership


Contemplating buying a builder’s model home?  Well keep in mind the builder has placed a lot of specialties in that home – because it a model! – designed to bring in buyers that want one just like it! Remember, Builders need to re-coop their cost of maintenance and mortgage payments while it set nice and… [Read More]